Friday, November 23, 2007

Philosophy of Football

The Dolphins are stuck in a tuna net, the Hurricanes blew it, the Gators got swamped, I have reservations about the Seminoles, and USF turned out to be a bunch of bulls. So who does the desperate Florida football fan cheer for during the holidays? It is a question that has troubled me for many days, and there are two things that you can do to have some hope of feeling like a winner. 1. Cheer for Cinderella - my pick this year is for Kentucky. Now I have no affinity for KU or their conference, but by cheering for some team in your conference, you end up cheering for rivals, and that makes absolutely no sense. So I picked Kansas as a Cinderella and if they lose on Saturday, I can just pick a new Cinderella. 2. Cheer for a dream - similar to the Cinderella, this is done by picking a team with a good chance of winning maybe even a favorite. This year my pick will be Brett Favre. It is just fun to cheer for the elderly, and in football years Brett is in his 80's.