Monday, July 23, 2007

When did Macaroni become pasta?

I receive an email subscription from this guy and he poses the question about when macaroni became pasta. What a great question. While eating at TGI Fridays a couple of months ago we noticed that the macaroni on the kid's menu was $5.99 and even more than chicken fingers. Not to chase rabbits, but I thought chickens with fingers were rare. Here is what he had to say about the whole macaroni/pasta controversy.

“Macaroni became ‘pasta’ on the same day the hobo became ‘the homeless,’ the trailer house became the ‘mobile home’ and stock-car racing became ‘NASCAR. It would appear we’ve chosen to celebrate the mundane, elevate the ordinary and idolize the average."

It makes me ask how much I fall into the trap of hype in my ministry, where I over emphasize things that really are not eternal. If we are not careful we will busy ourselves with secondary or maybe even "non" important things.