Tuesday, July 24, 2007

So the police knock on my door at 10 p.m.

Actually it was 10:10 and I had already given up on the rerun of Friends where Chandler proposes at about 9:45 and was well into my REM. When the door bell rings that late at night it is usually not good news. As it turns out my minivan, which was on the street for Andrew to play baskeball in the driveway was facing the wrong direction. Truth be told, I knew this was against the law, as one time I actually got a ticket for this same middle of the night counterflow parking. I am thankful to the Deputy who was nice enough to knock on my door and point out my lawlessness rather than just write me a ticket like the last guy did about 5 years ago. Needless to say, now I guess everyone knows that I am not perfect. A criminal even, but one who was saved from the penalty of my sin, and for that I am thankful!