Monday, July 02, 2007

Sunday Spectators

Sunday was a great day at church with tons of vacationers. It is always neat to do church on the border of Disney and reality where the world comes to play. Yesterday two of the families came to visit were friends of mine that I served with at another church. The cool thing is that they both "dropped"in and the first person they saw was each other. It was kind of "twilight zoney" but it gave me a great opportunity to get some outsider's feedback on how things went. First, Dave King's small group Bible Study hit it out of the park for Mike and Jackie. They felt very much at home, and loved Dave's teaching. Great job Dave, and all of our Bible Fellowship Table Leaders. Second, Daniel and Laura have spent the last 4 years traveling from church to church as they raise support to be church planters in Peru. There are weeks that they are in 3 & 4 different churches, so they have literally seen it all. I say that to preface what they told me in that Cornerstone is only the second church they have visited that does secure check in for the kids. And that for a church plant with portable facilities blew their minds. Chuck, be proud of the job that your team did, not only were they friendly and welcoming, they were taking care of that family's most valued possession their kids. I am so proud of our church. God has truly blessed us with a great group of servants who make it their priority to be a blessing to others.