Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Somebody's shooting!

Last evening the kids came running into the house yelling that someone was shooting. This led to a conversation about our freedom and fireworks. Abby (9) mentioned that she did not want to marry a soldier because she would always fear for his safety. In talking we discussed the sacrifice of our soldier families for our freedom. Without their willingness to serve we all would live in fear. Later I overheard her trying to talk Andrew into a career in acrobatics or business. She told him that if he became a business man he could be the boss. In the end Andrew (6) decided that he would most likely become a fireman, an army man, a police officer, or a pet shop owner. Whatever our profession we can rest assured that God holds our lives in His hand. Today, as we enjoy the fake fireworks may we all remember that there are those who are sacrificing for our freedom under real fireworks. Watch this video of our heroes in action. Yesterday, some Apache pilots rescued some downed pilots and got them out of harms way by strapping them to the outside. Link Here