Friday, July 20, 2007

Sleepers RSV

Well, yesterday's post on sleepers created no little email storm of opinion. First, let me clarify that none of the aforementioned people were sleeping this Sunday, but they did have my permission to,,, although not in writing as that may raise legal issues in the future. However some of the discussion led to how much church does one need to attend. All we have as far as instruction is that we are not to forsake assembling together. What does that mean? Is one service enough should 2 get us through or do we really need to go 3 or 4 times a week. To answer this from my perspective unless otherwise prohibited a person ought to attend every service that his or her church holds. And before you go and say "you're only saying that because you are the preacher" Let me explain. We have three "services" at Cornerstone. Worship, Bible Fellowship, and Wednesday Prayer & Bible Study. These are not three identical services and they don't even serve the same purpose. The church is designed for the attendee to get the most out of every service, but in different ways. For instance Sunday's message is a challenge pure and simple. Bible Fellowship is exactly that, applying Bible in the context of a small group fellowship, and Wednesday nights are a lot like a college course with extended time of prayer. To choose to attend only one would leave you thinking that this church is out of balance. Most of us would know that if we ate an unbalanced diet physically then we would be sick. The same holds true spiritually. If we only come on Wednesday then we have knowledge without being challenged to use it. If we only come Sunday we are poorly equipped to do much because we have not take the time to train. That is why churches hold extra services. Some churches even have a Sunday night service to allow for Salvation messages only on Sunday mornings with Life application messages on Sunday night. No matter how many services your church holds, there is probably a reason for them and thus for you to attend.