Friday, May 05, 2006

What's the phone number for the AARP?

I am officially old. Last night we had our usual youth meeting at the Murray’s home and over 20 kids came out! We always have a blast, playing games, and talking about life. Last night, the game was full throttle basketball. There were four competing teams in a tournament of such. Being the leader, I stacked my team as to be able to win with the least amount of effort; which for me really means that I stand under the goal and tip in air balls. However, last night, something happened. I just wore out. I ended up having to tag out and bring in someone to take my place in the game. After the lesson, with my head held low, I came home to lick my wounds. Then, the phone rings. It is the little girl from my youth group at my first church in St. Pete. She will be graduating from college on Saturday and is getting married next month. Yep, make it official, I am definitely old.