Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Forward, But in What Direction

I am a conservative that is right of Romney.  Romney, let's not forget is a New England Liberal.   One who has drifted with the expedient political winds.  I will hold my nose as I cast my vote for him for the first time in November.  Not because I disagree with his politics, but because I believe his is a far cry from the godly men we used to elect into office. American politics IS moving forward, but in what direction?

I am a conservative and I watch FOX News because I believe CNN Is a minion of the left wing.  I was surprised that even their reporting showed the all out retreat of the Democratic party from the morality of our past.  The Democratic national convention last night removed "God" from their official platform to the cheers of atheists who are quoted as approving of this forward motion.  (See CNN article here).

I fear that my statements about November's election may be construed as political.  It is not.  It is, above all moral.  I am watching as both parties move forward but they are facing away from God's word, and towards a secular humanist state.

Please understand that we get the politicians we elect.  They are in the most basic sense, a reflection of our national values.  I do not mourn the election of any politician more than I mourn the national sin that would choose such a politician.

Last night, the Democratic Party endorsed Contraception, Abortion, Gay Marriage. And this to thunderous applause.  These are the issues that eclipse any political agenda.  These are not political issues.  These are moral issues. The danger is that those who believe in democratic principles are being swept forward in a moral tidal wave.

I can agree to disagree on economics and jobs, and politics.  I cannot agree to disagree on morality and scripture.  It is clear to me that both parties are moving forward in the wrong direction.  Both parties are abandoning their biblical moorings and increasingly supporting and promoting ungodly lifestyles.  The difference is that the Democratic party last night made it loud and clear that they wanted to win that race.

Broad is the road that leads to destruction, and forward is the way that we are headed.  It may be too late to exit the vehicle before the cliff.  The brakes may be out, but I choose to be in the car that is traveling "forward" in the slow lane.

It is my prayer that morality would be the reason Christians go to the polls.  Not politics, not personality, but bible.  That we would humble ourselves and pray and seek God's face and forgiveness and repent from our forward direction, and head back to the bible.