Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Reflections

  • I believe our set up team rocks, except that Michael Brown parked the trailer crooked.
  • We had a bunch of people come to the Saturday version of the Vision Meeting
  • The band rocked, and something about a kazoo 
  • The band named themselves 23B after an illustration in Ward's sermon a few week's ago.
  • It was cool to see Saturday nights turn 1 year old...
  • I knew it was a great start when I got to church a few minutes early to see volunteers already at work.
  • I got to spend a few extra minutes in prayer in the truck.
  • People were early for worship, which is rare in FL, I guess they were excited.
  • We had to put out extra seats out in the early service, welcome back snowbirds!
  • Enjoyed preaching about Jonathan and his armor bearer.  Let's go pick a fight!
  • Had a blast in the Vision Meeting sharing what God has done in our midst during 2008.
  • We saw 40% growth last year, and are desperate to do it all over again.
  • We introduced Ward Hodges joining the team to help us kick Small Groups up a notch.
  • We challenged everyone to join the TEAM, and they responded.
  • The last service was literally packed to the wall, we again ran out of chairs.
  • I can't wait to break out the new chairs on February 21st
  • 3 of our people ran in the Disney marathon.... but did not miss church, I love Saturdays!
  • There was a ton of teenagers at church, Seth and Christy are knocking it out of the park!
  • First time guests came up after the service asking where they can get involved, I love that!
  • Crashed on the couch after services with a holy hangover!  Watched football...and Jack Bauer!


Jerry Kinman said...

Hey Joel! I thoroughly enjoyed the last few blogs... hearing about the exciting things at Cornerstone! Keep up the good work and may God continue to pour out His blessings!