Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Partisanship is Key to Leadership

After we were married and before we had kids, Amy and I went out one Friday night.  Our plan was to try out this place we had never been, but when we got there it was obviously not what we thought so we both turned to each other for direction.  What followed was a series of "I don't care, you decide-s"   and "No you can choose-s" that eventually led to our biggest fight as a married couple.  I don't know what or if I even ate that night as we returned home.  Looking back, we laugh today at how silly that was.

My point is that not having an opinion means that you go nowhere, and from there, things deteriorate.  One of the things I hate about politics is that it is a scramble to appear centrist.  Candidates who represent far reaching ideologies put on the pretense that they are moderate, middle class types.  Frankly,  I get sick of the charade.

As a leader, I must realize that Cornerstone is counting on me to make decisions.  The organization needs partisanship.  Not everyone is going to agree with every one of my decisions as a pastor, but if my goal is to make everyone happy, then we will go nowhere, and eventually fight.  What is more, is that God has placed our church in this community to make a difference.  This task cannot be done while sitting on the sidelines waiting for "clear direction."

Imagine it's 4th and goal.  There are 6 seconds on the clock and the team is down by 5.  You have one play that will decide the outcome of the game.  Do you run or pass?  Frankly I don't know any better than you.  But you can't wait until you know for sure.  You must be partisan, pick one over the other and run that play with all you strength.  If you get in, you win, if you don't you lose.  But here is the kicker.  If you wait until you know which one will work, the clock will run out and neither one gets you in the endzone.

This week it is my prayer that everyone at Cornerstone will study the candidates, know the issues and cast your vote on Tuesday.  Politics aside, I believe in voting morality.  I will always base my vote on morality first, politics second.  I have already filled out my sample ballot.  On that are candidates of at least three different political parties.  Why should you vote morality?  Because  God, when honored, can make even the worst political decisions look brilliant.

Words of advice....
1. Liars can buy TV time too.  Know the issues.  Amendment 2 will not undo the domestic partner laws already on the books in the state of FL.  Vote yes on 2 to protect the distinction of marriage.

2. Judges are "non-partisan" so they don't show up on many voter guides.  you have to do some research to see who appointed them, and where they have sided on partisan issues.  I personally came to the place where I am voting to not keep any of the judges on my ballot.