Thursday, October 16, 2008

Online Meeting Place

One of the things that fascinate me about today's church culture is that we are able to be so much closer to one another than generations past.  For instance, On Tuesday night I watched the Rays Baseball game with my brother and this morning I spoke to my aunt.  On the surface, that is nothing astounding.  However, I watched that game on my couch in FL and my brother was in Raleigh.  This morning I was cooking breakfast in FL and my Aunt was cooking supper in Cambodia.  Never before has the body of Christ had so much opportunity to be  in community with people who are not in our immediate community.

This week I built a facebook group for Cornerstone that will I hope be a place where we can connect with our mission pastors overseas, as well as many of the vacation home owners, and snowbirds that regularly visit from around the world.  I believe that this is an opportunity for our church to build life together in a way that does not require us to be in proximity in order to build one another up.  I want to encourage all who attend as well as all who love and care for our church to join this group and take a moment to give a brief paragraph of how you came to Christ.

From time to time we will post pictures of events, carry on conversations, and we may even plan an online Bible Study using this format in the future.  The Bible tells us to consider one another, how to stir one another up to love and good works.  This site will give us one more opportunity to be an encouragement, why don't you join the conversation.