Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blogging Fast Ect...

A lot has happened in the last month, and I had decided to take some time off of blogging to get perspective on why or if I should blog.  Here are some of the decisions I worked through.

1. I do not want to blog, and fail to communicate.
 - no sense in blogging just to have a post for every day.
- I will not blog unless I feel I have something to communicate.
2. Blogging should be more about the reader than the writer.
- I realize that those who read the blog want to look backstage.
- So I will try to communicate more of what I am doing rather than what I thinking
3. Blogging can waste time
- I cut way back on the number of blogs I read.
- mostly now I just read friends' blogs and some of the filter blogs like MMI.
4. Blogging is valuable
-When done correctly, blogging effectively communicates vision
- Blogging brings people together


Anonymous said...


I wondered what had happened to you. I have missed your blogging activity. I only read yours and one other. Found yours after I worshipped at Cornerstone during a family holiday in Orlando in Feb 2007. Be encouraged. Be very encouraged. You are an excellent communicator and I am encouraged by you. And I still have the Lego you gave out in a service I attended. I keep with my quiet time materials and reflect on it often.