Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Pastor Forrest Pollock Missing

I received news this morning that Forrest Pollock, the Pastor of Bell Shoals Baptist church in Tampa is missing. Apparently, he was flying his private plane to North Carolina and then on to Texas. A search is under way for him in the Mountains of NC. This is one of the great pastors of our state, and has done some amazing things at Bell Shoals. Although, I do not know him, I greatly admire Bell Shoals. Find updates from the church website here.


Robin said...

Dr. Pollock was Dalin and I's pastor after leaving Cornerstone to Brandon. He is an Awesome man. He has six children and his wife Dawn. He impacted our lifes greatly, I can only imagine how many he has touched. Please pray they find him and his 13 year old son alive.
Robin and Dalin Mitchell

Josh Young said...

Thank you for posting this. I believe it is imperative that Christians everywhere pray for our pastor and his family. God is in control and He can do anything.

Robin said...

Pastor Pollocks plane was found and both he and his son were killed in the crash. Please pray for his family and that many lifes will be touched through his death.

Krista Weber said...

Like my friend Josh said, thank you so much for caring for our pastor and our church at this time. Its greatly appreciated. He was a great pastor, and a man after Gods own heart, please pray for his family. this is going to be along healing process as he meant alot to many of people. He was a God sent pastor and will always be remembered for his humbleness.