Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just another day at work.... Making Magic

Making magic is not easy for all the cast members of Disney World Resort. Pastoring a Company D church at Disney's back door has offered much insight into the kind of people who go to work for Disney and I believe they are the greatest people on earth. Fox News reports this morning about Drew Weaver and the 7 dwarfs... em... other cast members, digging through the trash to recover a lady's wedding ring. It is this kind of servanthood that makes magic. In the end, every magician has to admit that he really doesn't make magic, it is just an illusion. In truth Drew, you and your 7 dwarfs made magic, the kind that is no illusion and the kind that will continue to make Disney the best destination in the world. I am proud to minister alongside magic makers, the unsung heroes who are willing to dig through the trash to brighten someone's day.