Monday, March 10, 2008

Since when is being rich a sin? - um... yesterday.

It is now official; dying rich is a mortal sin according to the Pope.Failure to recycle has also been added to the list that will get you sent straight to the slammer. I don't intend to rant in this post, but to mourn the loss of the spiritual compass that would deny Christ's work on the cross by adding additional and even questionable laws to the salvation of man. Jesus said on the cross "it is finished!" By that he meant that it was paid in full, no questions, no doubts, asterisks or blanks to be filled out 2000 years later. I applaud that the Catholic church is for the environment, and that rich people should help with the cause of world hunger. However, to say that one has to do anything short of trusting Christ for salvation is not only an insult to me as a believer, but is an insult to Jesus who shed his blood for the remission of sins. I look forward to next Sunday as we celebrate communion, and then on Easter as we celebrate His victory over sin and death. I for one am glad that Jesus did not leave me with any unpaid bills.