Wednesday, January 09, 2008


You heard it here first. Our theme for 2008 will be "Elevate!" It is our goal this year to take our church to the next level of effectiveness. In order to accomplish this we will seek to elevate Christ, elevate the people of the church, and elevate our community. The story began last fall as our leadership team sat down to discuss making our purchase of land a top priority for 2008. We spent several months evaluating and talking to outside leaders about where we are at as a church and what it will take for us to raise sufficient funds to purchase land in this market. We realized along the way that although land is an important goal, that it should not be the main goal, but only a tool to achieve the main goal. Our main goal as church is to elevate Christ, in our hearts and in our community, and Jesus has promised that if He is lifted up (elevated) He will draw all men unto himself. On Sunday we will have our annual vision meeting, but it is not just any vision meeting. I really see it as a turning point for our church. I believe that if we spent the last 5 years of our infancy focused on surviving, we must spend the next 5 on thriving. We will lay out the 5 year plan that will elevate our church to the next level of effectiveness, and will call us up to a great level of service to our Lord and to our community. If you have anything to do with Cornerstone or the Four Corners Community, you CANNOT miss this Sunday.