Thursday, October 11, 2007

Stranger Danger

Our church is crazy about keeping kids safe. I think we are the only church in the area who requires secure check in with photo ID for our kid's zone so it was disturbing last night as church got out that one of our members approached my wife about a strange man sitting in a car watching the kids. We take security seriously, and he told her that he would not leave until the guy left and everything was okay. The only problem was that the guy did not leave. He just sat there with his car running the lights on and staring back towards the building. Needless to say this was a job for the senior pastor. The only problem with that is that he was the stranger who was sitting in the car watching the kids. Like a spider caught in my own web, I was the stranger danger. I was waiting to follow a family home for a meeting with them after church, but to everyone else, I was just stranger danger. I thank God for a church who cares enough about our kids to put their safety on the top of the list of priorities. That is one reason I am so looking forward to this year's trunk or treat. It is just one more opportunity for us to provide a safe place for kids to have fun and learn about God. This year we are sending 3,000 invitations at all three elementary and middle schools. I hope you have lots of candy!