Thursday, September 20, 2007

Jonathan Who?

I love being on the front lines of ministry. Since Cornerstone began just over 5 years ago we have seen God do some remarkable transformations in the life of ordinary people in our community. Last night at our prayer meeting a lady came up to me and announced that she will be on vacation from work on October 14th and will be able to come and see me preach. I went through my calendar in my head and told her that I was going to talk about Jonathan and his armor bearer taking on the Philistines. That God is not limited to save by many or by few. Then she told me that she had never heard of this "Jonathan" and was looking forward to coming. Blown Away! As a pastor's kid who was in church 9 months before I was even born it is often astounding to me how much I take for granted the things that I learned in church as a child. I also think that many "established" churches underestimate the benefits that they enjoy after years of ministry. I am humbled to help this lady know more about her wonderful Savior and begin to grow in her walk with God, and I will always put the lambs before the sheep.