Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Music to my ears!

I am so excited about our opportunity to shift the style of the early service to reach out to those who love the classics. In just two Sundays we will be offering the classic service with hymns and will design the whole service around what I feel is a neglected generation in our area. I know that there will be some surprises, and we will have young families who come to the classic service and some "seniors" will attend the contemporary, but this is about us seeing a need for worship without regard for style. Some people love to worship using the hymns from their youth, they know them by heart and the meaning is as deep as their roots. By the third verse of Victory in Jesus they are singing like nobody is listening. Others, love to sing a new song unto the Lord, and when they hear a new song, that expresses an emotion they could not put into words, they sing it loud. We will know that we have hit our mark when both services are full of people singing praises to God at the top of their lungs. Totally different styles, one unchanging message of praise to the God of the universe. It is music to my ears!