Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Finding Jesus

I was watching Miami Ink over the weekend as a woman got a tattoo. The artist posed a all intriguing question that we must consider. "Why do people wait until they *!@#% up their lives before the find Jesus?" Good question considering Jesus was never lost. In part, I somewhat believe Michael Vick and Paris Hilton and all the others who turn to Christ during crisis. There is something about being caught in sin, and helpless that causes one to turn to Christ. But are they really finding Christ as a disciple, or are they using him as a P.R. crutch? The answer was probably best given by Larry King, (not a follower of Jesus yet) He said "if Vick found Jesus, then it will be obvious in the weeks and months ahead as his behavior becomes more like that of Jesus." It has also been noted by several that Vick used the phrase "redeem myself" which does not indicate surrender, but self effort. Only time will tell, but Michael you are on the right track, it is my prayer that you will continue to walk that path. That like Pete Maravich and Dion Sanders, God will use you as a shining example of His amazing grace. This weekend at Cornerstone, we will begin a series of messages dealing with the marks of a disciple. First up, a changed life.