Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bible Fellowship

We are moving all of our present Bible Fellowship Tables to meet at 9:30 on Sunday mornings. This is partly to improve timing for the Classic Service, as well as a way for us to emphasize Bible Fellowship as the key ministry of our church. We will be working over the next three weeks on Wednesday nights to find ways to emphasize and organize our Small Group ministry. We will begin by removing the bulk of the responsibility from one "table leader" and dispersing the leadership to everyone at the table. This part of our overall team approach and will greatly improve the quality of the Bible Fellowship Tables. Here are the new positions.

  1. Learning – This person takes responsibility for leading the discussions each week. They will give greater time to studying the passage and work with the other teachers on building the lesson.
  2. Gathering – This person will keep in contact with the members of the table via phone and email, and keep everyone up to date with the events and projects of the group. They will also follow up on absentees.
  3. Inviting – This person will scout out newcomers and people who may not be part of a small group. It is their job to invite people to join the table for Bible Fellowship and any other events that they feel would connect people to the group.
  4. Enjoying – This person will be in charge of scheduling monthly events for the groups. Such events would include, shared meals, game nights, trips, sports, etc
  5. Caring – This person would take charge of the group prayer list, and organize their table to meet the needs of those in their group. This may include, prayer, rides to the Dr., and meals.
It is our goal that each group would not only have one person fulfilling these roles but each one teaching someone else to carry on that function.