Monday, June 25, 2007

Sunday Reflections

What a great day! I won't go into too much detail, but it has been our best June yet. All of the numbers were good, but that is such a poor judge of what God is doing. The first service was comfortably full, and the second service was full. The worship was great as always, and I actually was so caught up in the singing that I was late to come on stage to preach! Most important we had two men accept Christ as Savior yesterday. I am always amazed that God entrusts our church with people who need Him. I pray that we will always remain focused and keep the MAIN thing the main thing. I also received this in an encouraging email from a new family that has been visiting. I will make it anonymous, as I don't have permission to say who wrote it:

Last Easter when [my husband] wanted to go to Church, I told him I would go to any church he wanted to go to. When he said he wanted to go to the one that met at our children's school, I agreed. The idea that I was to be visiting a REAL church for the first time was a little scary. I was hoping that this church was going to be sending the message that I was needing to here from a church. The message being so clear today when you said "it is not the building that makes a church but the people and their love for GOD."
Today when you spoke of these pastors asking you if you still meet in a school it reconfirmed why I wanted to stay clear of a church. It is sad that they have forgot what message they are supposed to be delivering. Next time they ask you if your stilling meeting in the school say YES (with a great big smile) and it is the most beautiful church you will ever see.