Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Random thoughts from Vacating Pastor

  • A working vacation - Ministry stops for no man (or woman). I am taking a break with the family, but still getting a few hours in every day. With camp coming next week, I will be out of commission and need this break to get ahead on a few things.
  • Our team is great - Pastor Gabe told me yesterday that they planned the rest of the year out in staff meeting yesterday. I asked him if I was included in any of the plans. It is awesome to know that our leadership team is pumped about ministry and love to dream together.
  • A deer walked into the back yard last night during dinner. Andrew's first question is if he could shoot it with his air soft b-b- gun. He had been hunting for that deer all week long in those woods. Tomorrow is his 6th birthday and I got him a Jr. set of golf clubs. We will see if we can turn him to a more civil hobby than hunting poor innocent garden thieves.
  • Amy and I got caught on I-85 in a hail storm last night. It was the worst I have ever been in and we got hit by some big chunks of Ice. I have heard of golf ball sized hail, but when it is pelting your car it is scary. There were no dents, but it chipped the paint in a few spots.
  • We had dinner at Wades last night. We met my (ToTaLLy RaD ) little sister outside of Ashville at this restaurant. The food was okay, but the really work hard in selling themselves. The weirdest thing is that although they have over 15,000 guests each week, they still do not take credit cards. For someone who lives in touristville, and carries no cash that came as a shock. However they do accept personal checks. you can visit their website at They have a pretty neat website that did get me to try it out.
  • We got to my brother's house at 11:30 last night. we will spend the morning with him at his new house here in Raleigh. He is awesome, and took time off to spend with us.