Monday, June 04, 2007


I am so excited about what God is doing at Cornerstone. The past few weeks have been amazing as God is working both behind the scenes and on display. Sunday was a great day with the Grand Opening of our new kidZone Wing. The kids were all excited about their "new" classes and classrooms. The teachers seemed very happy as well. The only negative comment we had was that the Jr. Church space is too small. The great thing is that we can fix that in just two minutes by moving the curtain. The kids and Pastor Gabe out did themselves in leading our worship time. This is something that we are going to do a lot more of as God has really gifted our church with great music. Chuck and his team were doing a great job of running the check in table/ security center. Parents are telling me how much they appreciate the added security steps. My biggest highlight from yesterday is that Victor and his mom came to church for the first time. Many of you may remember that Victor was the passenger in Mikey Mumford's car when he was killed last fall. God used Mikey's funerals to bring over 40 people to faith in Christ. God answers our prayers as Victor continues to recover from his sever brain injury. He has regained his sight, his speech, and the ability to walk. I broke down when I saw him walking toward the door. Elaine Morales, (Mikey's mom) was so excited she was taking pictures all day. God is so good. I know it has been a lot of rambling, but one more thing. I am pumped about the free car wash on Saturday. Many of you have signed up to sponsor the kids and many more have signed up to help. I know that God will use this time to show our community the love of Christ as we wash their tires. If you cannot come, please pray that we will have the ability to share Christ with people and invite them to join what God is doing at Cornerstone!