Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Tabernacle Projct

Cornerstone began with a clear vision from God to provide a place of worship for the people of Four Corners. With US 27 and 192 in the cross hairs we set out to find a place of meeting. I still remember the afternoon when a real estate agent told me of the Four Corners Charter School. Driving down the winding road I prayed for God to open doors. The principal at that time was a believer named Sam. He showed me the elementary lunchroom, which amazingly came painted in our color scheme. Our rent would cost us $500 a month and our contract was a handshake. The first Sunday we used the benches like pews and had 16 in attendance. 7 were my family members, Mike Bartlett & Jeremy Leget, the Mitchell family all of whom came to help start the church, and two lost German tourists. From there God has done an amazing work.

We knew going in that we would need to transform our school each week in an efficient and cost effective way into a place where kids and parents can worship. Over the years we have made many improvements to our process, but now we believe that it is time to leap ahead again. As many of you know, we use classrooms for our nursery, preschool and children's department. While at set up last week, I was reminded of how dangerous a 3rd grade classroom can be for toddlers. The set up team, as well as our children's workers, child proof each room each week. However, desks full of pencils and scissors abound. We must do better.

Enter, the Tabernacle Project. The Tabernacle was commissioned by God as the Children of Israel were in route to the Promised Land. It was a tent of meeting. A portable church that could move with the 2 million people through the wilderness. In a lot of ways, we at CBC are a Tabernacle. Each week, a team of dedicated individuals help their best Friend move. In thinking about the Tabernacle of the Old Testament, I was reminded of how much they accomplished with drapes. Without going into great detail, we have the ability to completely transform our school, with a number of well placed drapes.

Beginning in May, we will turn our attention to improving our tabernacle. It is our goal to raise $2,000 to totally overhaul our children's area. The project will include:

The Hall Way

1. Drapes to close off the hall we do not use

2. A security check in station with photo ID for all children

3. Directional signs and banners

The Nursery
1. Drapes
2. Signs and Banners
3. New Carpet
4. New nursery furniture (the portable crib we presently use was my 9 year-old's)

The Preschool
1. Drapes
2. Signs and Banners

1. Drapes
2. Signs and Banners

When the project is complete, there should be no indication that the building is or even was a school. Our children's area will rival any that is offered by the large brick and mortar churches. And will be a fun and exciting place for our kids to learn and play. I will tell you about our theme and decoration in tomorrow's post.