Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Mission Guatemala

Hey All,

I just got this note from Jerry Kinman, our church planting partner in Guatemala.

Hello Joel!

After 8 months in Guatemala, we are praising the Lord for His great blessings. We have one church plant already started and another one in the process. To God be the Glory!

Our first church plant is in a city called Sumpango. The Sumpango church was started mid-February and is averaging 50-60 in attendance. This past weekend there were 11 souls saved - 1 in the Saturday youth service, 1 in the Kids Bible Club, and 9 more in the Sunday services. We are meeting in the patio of a rented house, and space is very tight!

Our second church plant is in Quetzal City. It has a population of 140,000 and no Baptist church. We currently have 2 Kids Bible Clubs that meet every Saturday. About 50 kids attend those 2 clubs, and souls are saved almost every week!

We are currently raising funds for these two projects. I have attached an MS Word document that describes the need of each project. Funds for the Sumpango church are needed in the next few months... May through July, 2007. Funds for the Quetzal church are not needed until this Fall... October through December, 2007. For churches that don't have the capability to give toward a project right now -- we are encouraging them to promise an offering towards the Quetzal work, so that they have sufficient time to raise money.

Jerry KinmanBBFI Missionary to