Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Organizing for Outreach

Last Saturday we had our Leadership Training seminar and it was awesome. Many of our team leaders were there to sharpen their skills and organize their teams for growth. When we began Cornerstone God gave us a burden to reach the entire community with the good news of Jesus Christ and to bring people to a new life in Christ. If we are going to be able to accomplish this goal, we must be organized. Someone asked if we were organizing Cornerstone to become a mega-church (2,000+ in attendance) and I told them that there are 50,000 people in our immediate community with only 10 churches of any kind. If you do the math then we are responsible for 5,000 of them. Do we want to be a mega church? Yes. Because that will mean we have done our part in reaching our community. It is my conviction that every church in our community should become a mega church. Imagine every one of our churches organizing for outreach and doing the work of the ministry so effectively that we win our community for Christ. That is my burden as a pastor, that is my conviction. May God save me and our church from shortsighted and small thinking.