Saturday, August 05, 2006

Letter from Lebanon

Do you ever wonder what makes a pastor cry tears of joy? A few weeks ago Israel invaded Lebanon and we were reminded of a Lebanese family that was part of our church in the very beginning. Fadi Korban had been brought to FL to work for Disney. His ability with detailed wood work is beyond compare. After some time however, he had to return to his home country. With the conflict in Lebanon we recently added him to our prayer list. Today, after three years I received this email.

Dear Joel and the church staf, it has been almost three years since last time i have been with you at the church, but through all these days at least one of you guys at the church every day been with my thought and memory. i miss you a lot and my kids too ( Rayan and Riwa Korban) we lost contact .... i,m sorry but in lebanon never comes easy. today i.m in my friends house he got internet connection so I said I want try to contact you and here I'm sending you this email with my hope that receive it with my wish that everyone of you be in a good condition.
hope talk to you later

please send my regards to all the church staf or who remember us

sincerely: Fadi Korban

Did you read the part where he said he prays for at least one of us and for the church every day? Did you read the part where he hopes that we are in good condition? Read it again.
That is the stuff that makes a pastor cry. As I replied to his letter, I was reminded of Paul and the emotional letters he wrote to church members along his missionary journey. The bond of Christian love is unlike anything this world has to offer. Sometimes people ask Why God is blessing Cornerstone so much. What is the secret to the rapid growth and the wonderful spirit of the church. The answer: there was this guy who still prays for us every day. In a country where bombs are still falling, there is a man and his kids who are praying for our good condition. Oh to God that we would all embrace the power found in the prayer of a believer. That we would pray for our brother Fadi, and the other Lebanese Christians who are caught in a battle between the Muslims and Jews. That we would continue to pray that the influence of Cornerstone would wrap around the world and have a lasting affect on all that would pass our way.